The College Hotel in Amsterdam has been created from a
circa 1895 Historical Listed school building. Owned by Amsterdam’s Hotel
Management School (ROC) it gives students real-world work experience.
The student team and property is managed by the highly respected Stein Group.

A solid, yet lively mood is created with plush fabrics
contrasting highly polished and reflective surfaces.

Lofty ceilings, black-painted woodwork, exposed beams
and lush earth tones produce a warmth and sense of solidity.

This being The Netherlands, after all, means
creative use of plants and flowers in the public spaces.

Flower arrangements in the lobby and bar areas
are dramatic and continually changing.

A springtime reflection in a neighborhood park near The College Hotel.

The canals are used for transportation, commerce and adventure.

Many of the vessels along the canal are residences.

We came across a wonderful market on a lovely, sunny Saturday morning.

Amsterdam is a city of cyclists. The bikes range from elaborate, to being too
trashy to steal and some stunningly configured to carry belongings including the
valuable cargo of children. This bike must carry a very special young person.

The spring sun looks like it just took the vigor out of this young man.
This photo was taken at a small playground next to the farmer’s market.

With the spring sun shining after a long winter, everyone wanted to be
outside facing the sun even as they had their noses in a favorite read.

The College Hotel Amsterdam
The College Hotel Bed
Amsterdam flowers
Boys on the canals
Amsterdam outdoor market
Tired youngster in Amsterdam
The College Hotel LR
The College Hotel Lobby
Amsterdam reflections in a pond
Amsterdam canal living
Amsterday city of bicycles
Amsterdam, city of readers
  The College Hotel Amsterdam  


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